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Teachers for NYC Charter Schools connects candidates with schools committed to giving every student a life-changing education regardless of race, family income, or ZIP code.

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Who We Are

Teachers for NYC Charter Schools is a consortium of 15 non-profit charter schools working to bring great teachers to kids and communities across New York City. We help talented teaching candidates find a school that fits their skills and career goals—and we give them a leg up in the hiring process. 

While each consortium member has its own unique focus and culture, we share the belief in the power of great teachers to unlock students' potential and prepare them to achieve their goals. For us, this makes the most important factor in the success of our students the teacher in their classroom. Teachers for NYC Charter Schools was created by TNTP, a national non-profit with 20 years of experience recruiting great teachers to urban schools.

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Our Values

1. Equity begins with challenging, engaging instruction.

Our schools are committed to challenging students and delivering engaging, Common Core-aligned instruction. We believe every student has the potential to achieve their goals. All kids deserve to be challenged and inspired with high expectations—regardless of their race, family income, or ZIP code. We’re looking for teachers who know that education equality begins with challenging, engaging instruction.

2. Teacher diversity matters.

As role models to our students, we value teachers with a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences. Our experience confirms the research: diversity matters. Students taught by educators with similar life experiences do better academically, emotionally, and socially. We want diverse educators who have a commitment to giving every NYC student a great education.

3. STEM education is critical for our changing economy.

Just one in four students from low-income neighborhoods is proficient in math, and only one in six is proficient in science. We are actively seeking educators excited about preparing students for careers of the future. We support consortium members to find creative instructors to bridge the STEM divide for students across NYC. Our partners offer teachers a wide range of explorative STEM curricula that equip students with the skills to become the medical professionals and leading innovators of tomorrow’s economy.

4. All students deserve a supportive teacher that realizes their potential.

Only 60% of students with diagnosed disabilities graduate from high school, compared to 80% of students without a diagnosed disability. By pairing passionate teachers with consortium members achieving excellent outcomes for students we are moving the needle for communities and families. Teachers for NYC Charter Schools works alongside charter schools who strongly value college and career readiness and want to create equitable outcomes for students with unique learning needs.

Why Teach in Charter Schools?

New York City charter schools use their autonomy to give families—and teachers—innovative and diverse school choices committed to meeting NYC students’ unique needs. As one of the largest and most effective charter sectors in the country, NYC charter schools give teachers the chance to join a team of dedicated professionals making an outsized impact in their community.

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Why Apply to Teachers for NYC Charter Schools?

From the communities and grade levels they serve, to their unique educational philosophy, consortium members offer teachers diverse choices to find a fit that is right for them. Our rigorous screening process and trusted recommendation means your application will be prioritized by hiring managers. Get the attention you deserve.

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