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We help talented teaching candidates find a school that fits their skills and career goals—and we give them a leg up in the hiring process. Applying through Teachers for NYC Charter Schools is the best way to find the school community that’s right for you, whether you have teaching experience, are embarking on your first job, or are making a career change and want to teach while working towards your certification.

  • Earn a trusted recommendation. Our consortium members prioritize candidates who apply through Teachers for NYC Charter Schools and pass our screening process. Become a priority candidate through this process. 
  • Find the school community that’s right for you. Consortium members have embraced the spirit of innovation, diversity, and choice that has defined the charter school movement. Find the school with a vision, focus, and culture that matches your skills, interests, and career goals.
  • Streamline your teacher job search. Apply to all our consortium members with a single application. Teachers for NYC Charter Schools saves you time by connecting you directly with multiple schools seeking great teachers. Then, bypass first-round interviews by participating in a video interview shared with all consortium members.
  • Get support throughout the hiring process. From resume advice and pre-interview preparation to regular updates on job opportunities on in-person professional development, you’ll have a point of contact throughout the process to help you maximize your chances of finding a meaningful and rewarding career.  
  • Make a lasting difference. This is your opportunity to join a vibrant movement to meet NYC children’s social, emotional, and academic needs—and prepare them for success in college and career.

Are you ready?

Find the right school for your skills and interests. Give students a life-changing education.

Applicants prioritizing STEM subject areas will receive expedited application processing.

Watch our informational webinar here to learn more about how to prepare a high quality application!