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General Program Questions

1. How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

In order to be eligible to apply for Teachers for NYC Charter Schools for the 2019-2020 school year, you must have a bachelor's degree conferred by July 2019 and be able to living the NYC area by August 2019. We're looking for educators in a variety of subject areas who share our commitment to give all NYC students a challenging and engaging education, regardless of teaching experience or certification. Schools are looking for candidates with a variety of experience levels to fill positions year-round.

2. Do you place teacher candidates in schools or specific positions?

If you are invited to join our candidate pool, you will be connected with hiring manager at our partner schools. Schools will reach out to you to coordinate interviews. Please note that New York is a state of mutual consent in teacher hiring. Where you secure a teaching position is ultimately up to you and your school of hire—Teachers for NYC Charter Schools will not place you at a school.

3. My teaching experience is in a specific subject or grade level. Can I be considered for other subject areas or grade levels as well?

Yes! On our application, we ask you to list all subject areas and grade levels you are interested in teaching. If you are invited to join our candidate pool, schools will reach out to you to interview for a variety of positions, based on your experience, degrees, context expertise, and interests. The grade and subject area you teach is ultimately up to you, your school of hire, and school and state requirements.

4. I'm not a certified teacher. Should I still apply?

Yes! We accept teacher candidates into our program regardless of certification status. Some of our partner schools do prefer to hire certified teacher candidates or candidates who have the intention of obtaining certification. If you are not currently certified, or are certified in another state, please visit our Resources page for more information on New York State certification requirements.

5. Do I need to apply separately to each open position I am interested in?

No, you do not need to apply separately to positions at our partner schools! One of the benefits of applying for our program is that a single application connects you to hiring managers at all of our partner schools. If you are invited to join our candidate pool, your information and application will be made available to all partner schools. If they determine you could be a good fit for any of the positions at their school, hiring managers will reach out to you to schedule interviews and demonstration lessons. 

6. How long does the application and selection process take?

We have rolling admissions, and the quicker you apply, the sooner you will hear back! Please see our application timelines on this page