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Application Process

Great teachers play a vital role in helping students realize their potential—that’s why our program is highly selective. Our rigorous application process will help us—and you—determine if you’re a good fit for the partner schools that are part of the Teachers for NYC Charter Schools program. There are three parts to the selection the process: the online application, the recorded video interview and the in-person selection event. If you demonstrate a fit with Teachers for NYC Charter Schools through selection, you will be invited to become a priority candidate in the hiring process of partner schools.

1. Application Submission

To apply for a teaching position through Teachers for NYC Charters, you only need to submit one application. We’re looking for educators who share our commitment to give all NYC students a challenging and engaging education, regardless if you hold a teaching certificate.

Our application includes a combination of background information questions as well as several short essay questions. We recommend reserving time to reflect on the essay questions prior to submitting your application.

Once you create an account on our online application platform, you will receive an applicant toolkit that includes additional guidance and tips for completing a high-quality application. 

Sign up for an online info session or watch the recorded info session below to learn more about how to prepare a high quality application!

2. Screening

Your application will be carefully reviewed based on our shared criteria for the role and basic fit. You will be notified if you are invited to submit a video interview.

3. Video Interview

Candidates who have the skills and passion to help us meet our vision for great teaching and learning will be invited to participate in a pre-recorded video interview. You’ll record your responses to questions about your knowledge, skills, and commitment to NYC’s students.

4. In-Person Selection Event

After you complete your video interview, staff will notify you if you are invited to take part in our in-person selection event in NYC. At this event, you will have the opportunity to practice teaching sample lessons, as well as learn and utilize classroom management techniques with other educators.

5. Referral for Interview

If you advance through the screening process, your application will receive priority consideration by hiring managers at all our consortium members. Each consortium member has their own interviewing and hiring process, but it generally includes an in-person interview and a sample teaching lesson. 

12/12/18 Teachers for NYC Charter Schools Info Session

“Your program made the process smooth and streamlined…(it) presented me with multiple opportunities to visit potential schools and leaders to find the best match for me.” Kristin Phillips, Teachers for NYC Charter Schools alumni 

Application Timelines

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and we encourage you to apply as early as possible. The application, selection, and offer process takes approximately 4-8 weeks, depending on how quickly you complete your application, video interview, and bootcamp. While individual application timelines will vary by candidate, the table below provides typical application timelines based on when you submit your application. To ensure you’re receiving all communications from our office, we encourage you to add “Teachers for NYC Charter Schools” to your Safe Sender list.

Submit Online ApplicationBy deadline
Video Interview Invitation
Invitations are typically sent within 2-5 days of application submission.

2-5 days
Submit Video Interview
You have five days from the date you are invited to submit your video interview. The faster you complete your video interview, the sooner you will have the opportunity to connect with partner schools. 
1-5 days
Bootcamp Invitation
Once you have submitted your Video Interview, you will be notified of your status within 6 days.
4-6 days
Attend Bootcamp
If invited, you will be given two Bootcamp dates to select from. The sooner you are able to attend, the sooner you will be notified about your status!
Within 3 weeks
Receive Notification
You will be notified of whether or not you are invited to join our candidate pool and connect with partner schools within 7 days of attending Bootcamp.
3-5 days
Accept or Decline Offer
We ask applicants to enroll within two days of receiving an offer to join our candidate pool. Depending on how much time is left in the enrollment season, we may accommodate brief extensions.
2 days
Matching with partner schools
As soon as you accept the offer to join our candidate pool, your information will be shared with partner schools! Partner schools will then reach out to you directly to schedule final interviews and demonstration lessons.