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New York City’s charter school sector is one of the most diverse and effective in the country. Serving more than 100,000 students, NYC charters would make up a district larger than Baltimore, Denver, San Francisco, Boston, or D.C. And we get results. In the 2016-17 school year, charter students made the largest gains in the city in both math and English Language Arts. Black and Hispanic charter school students outperformed their counterparts in traditional district schools.

Our partner schools offer NYC families a wide variety of programs to meet their children’s unique needs. With enhanced autonomy, charter schools have the flexibility they need to prepare our city’s students for success in college and a meaningful career, by:

·       Hiring educators aligned to their vision for great teaching and learning

·       Focusing on special content areas, such as STEM, arts, and social-emotional learning

·       Adopting innovative instructional models, including personalized and blended learning 

Teachers can choose from a wide range of school options to find the right fit for their skills, career goals, and passion for education equality. While each school community is unique, we share the belief that the most important factor in the success of our students is the teacher in their classroom. Our partner schools offer exceptional professional development and support to help you become an integral part of their teaching teams.